Optdex is part of the Dexon family, a company that has been successfully selling only high quality, new and used network hardware, including optic transceivers for over two decades. We know the products we sell and stand behind them with our 100% guarantee, plus we love what we do; helping our customers get their networks up and running in a quick manner while also saving them money. Optdex believes you and your company should be able to have your cake and eat it too!

Even though a transceiver is physically small, it can hold up a network expansion or an entire install. Optdex was started to streamline the process of buying manufacturer original SFPs. Our goal is to make purchasing original transceivers fast and simple, while offering cost saving alternatives such as used transceivers in addition to new.

Most companies selling optic transceivers offer third-party or compatible hardware, often not making it overly clear their products are not original products.  Optdex offers only original Cisco, Juniper, HP, Brocade, and Extreme transceivers at a fraction of the cost of buying direct.

We do not sell compatibles or 3rd party SFPs. Why? Many manufacturers have right of refusal to troubleshoot a problem if they discover you are using 3rd party optics. (Agree or disagree but they can do it.)

We have discovered through the years that our customers turn to 3rd party GBICs to save money. Optdex is changing the game, offering your company manufacturer original transceivers at the fraction of buying them directly.

Let Optdex earn your business today; your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with a 30-day no questions asked return policy and a 3-year, next-day replacement warranty.

Steve O’Neil
President, Optdex