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Optdex offers only original Cisco, Juniper, HP, Brocade, and Extreme transceivers at a fraction of the cost of buying direct.

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Empower fast mobility with OptDex and our growing range of Cisco transceiver products.

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Make your IT infrastructure matter with top quality HP transceiver products from OptDex.

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Connect and share ideas and data like never before with Juniper transceiver products from OptDex.

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Transform your IT networks with quality Brocade transceiver products from OptDex.


Optic Transceivers

Fiber optic communication uses pulses of light sent through optical fibers to transmit information over great distances without significantly compromising the clarity or the data. This technology, developed in the 70s, revolutionized telecommunication and was an important stepping-stone towards the Information Age.

The technology works with devices known as fiber optic transceivers as their centerpiece. These contraptions have transmitters and receivers in a single module, allowing them to send and collect data. Transmitters collect the electrical input and convert them to an optical output through a laser emitting diode (LED). The light is sent through a fiber optic cable where it’s accepted by the receiver – usually another transceiver – that converts the light back into an electric signal.


Now, we make this very same technology available to you with our new and used network hardware of optic transceivers. We have several featured products that are compatible with various modules, and can handle different data loads depending on your requirements.

Each transceiver we offer has its own details page, which lists all the relevant data that will help you make a decision on the most appropriate purchase. The information includes items, such as the data transfer rate, maximum transfer distance, cabling type, and the optical wavelength. This detailed chart, which goes with every one of our products, will allow you to choose the optic transceiver that fits your system like a glove.

The biggest advantage we offer, however, is our new and used network hardware. This system allows us to give customers the chance to purchase these otherwise pricey transceivers at a fraction of the cost. See hundreds of dollars slashed from the listed price, and enjoy the best savings the internet has to offer for these items.

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