Juniper Optical Transceiver's

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Showing 1 - 24 of 52 products
Juniper QFX5200-48Y-AFx
Juniper QFX-SFP-DAC-1M -Refurbished
Juniper QFX-SFP-DAC-1M
Juniper QFX-EM-4Q -Refurbished
Juniper QFX-EM-4Q
Juniper QFX5200-48Y-AFx -Refurbished
Juniper QFX5100-24Q-AFO -Refurbished
Juniper QFX5100-24Q-AFO
Juniper QFX5100-24Q-AFI -Refurbished
Juniper QFX5100-24Q-AFI
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Juniper QFX5110-32Q-AFO -Refurbished
Juniper Juniper QFX5110-32Q-AFO -Refurbished
Sale price$13,995.00 USD Regular price$18,995.00 USD
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Juniper QFX-SFP-DAC-5M
Juniper QFX-SFP-DAC-5M -Refurbished
Juniper QFX-SFP-DAC-3M -Refurbished
Juniper QFX-SFP-DAC-3M
Juniper QFX-SFP-1GE-T -Refurbished
Juniper QFX-SFP-1GE-SX
Juniper QFX-SFP-1GE-SX -Refurbished
Juniper QFX-SFP-1GE-T
Juniper QFX-SFP-1GE-LX -Refurbished
Juniper QFX-SFP-10GE-LR -Refurbished
Juniper QFX-SFP-10GE-USR
Juniper QFX-SFP-10GE-USR -Refurbished
Juniper QFX-SFP-1GE-LX

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